Patlite Corp

20130 S. Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: View Phone Number310-328-3222
Fax: View Fax Number310-328-2676

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Company Description:

PATLITE, a global leader in visual and audible signaling technology, is committed to helping call centers streamline their workflow.  With PATLITE’s busy lights, managers and operators are able to communicate their status with their team, discreetly, and in real-time. Whether the operator is on a call, dispatching emergency services, or needs a manager’s assistance, all of this, and more, can be visually communicated automatically with a PATLITE indication device.


Currently, PATLITE offers a range of status indication options from basic, manually controlled lights, to innovative lights that connect to a system via USB and Ethernet. PATLITE’s product lines continue to expand to meet the emerging, sophisticated needs of the Public Safety Access Point market. The optical, acoustic and electronic engineers that work at PATLITE have decades of experience developing innovative signaling products with outstanding quality and performance.


With more than 600 employees in Japan and in its sales subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, and China, PATLITE is widely recognized as the top brand in its industry worldwide.

Product Information:
: PATLITE signal towers come in a wide range of customizable configurations for your specific needs.

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