Holland LP

1000 Holland Drive
Crete, IL 60417

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Company Description:

Holland LP is a dedicated engineering-based company servicing the railroad and related industries.  Since 1935, Holland has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions.  We are laser-focused on cultivating solution partnerships with our customers.  Holland’s Equipment business unit houses a highly-skilled team of engineers and machinists who are responsible for the design, development and manufacturing of rail welding equipment, rail and CWR handling and processing equipment, track testing services equipment, and railroad Maintenance of Way equipment for both internal and external customers.  Holland’s newest addition to the family is its Mobile Communication and Command Module which falls into our Specialty Vehicle category.  This compact 20 foot Land/Sea/Rail Container provides emergency/disaster; temporary, long-term and emergency communications; surveillance; and security.  The module can be customized to our customer’s needs, speci?cations and applications.

Holland's Mobile Communication and Command Module provides emergency/disaster recovery; temporary, long-term and emergency communications; surveillance; and security. The module can be customized to our customer's needs, specifications and applications.


Compact 20 Ft Land/Sea/Rail Container

10,000 lb. retractable axle

Removable tow bar

40 ft. lockable pneumatic Will-Burt® mast

7.5KW diesel generator

55 gallon fuel tank for 50+ hrs. continuous operation

Environmentally controlled control room

Ease of set-up

Patent Pending

Product Information:
Towers, Fixed/Mobile
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