SecuLore Solutions

2288 Blue Water Blvd.
Suite #310
Odenton, MD 21113

Phone: View Phone Number410-703-3523

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Company Description:

SecuLore Solutions™ is a Cybersecurity company focused on Public Safety. We combine Public Safety knowledge with deep cybersecurity expertise. At SecuLore Solutions, we provide cybersecurity network appliances, CyberBenchmarks™, cyber training and free Webinars – all focused on empowering you and your IT team to better safeguard your 9-1-1 network and resources. Our services are based upon FCC, DHS & NIST best practices; and our technology and services are inspired by an understanding of how hackers operate so that our solutions can better thwart those efforts. We believe you must continually monitor your network data, intuitively visualize this traffic, and protect your network by identifying unusual activity  and neutralizing threats. Most cybersecurity practices do not address the unique characteristics of 9-1-1 operations. At SecuLore, our solutions are uniquely targeted to support the 9-1-1 mission. We understand the mission-critical nature of 9-1-1 service and provide a support infrastructure that respects the 24x7 nature of your operations. Where standard cybersecurity practitioners will tell you to “avoid communications with people you don’t know”, SecuLore provides solutions that respect the true nature of 9-1-1: that your call-takers, first responders and support personnel are, by definition, working with citizens whom you don’t know and who rely upon you during life’s most critical moments. You do not have time to mistrust those who are sending you information. Instead, you must trust the technology upon which you rely – it must protect you from intentional or unintentional abuse.

Product Information:
• SecuLore’s flagship product – Paladin™ – is a patent-pending cybersecurity network appliance that monitors all data between the firewall and external data sources, visualizes the traffic, and helps you protect your network. Paladin allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your network protections while identifying and recording undiscovered attack methods. It sits outside the network firewall, adding a new "layer" to the traditional "defense in depth" approach and works in conjunction with

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