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For over 30 years, West’s Safety Services has played a key role in helping to define, build and maintain the country’s complex emergency communications system. Today, West is North America’s largest provider of 9-1-1 public safety communications. We deliver these life-saving services using proprietary platforms enhanced by third party technologies to route wireless, wireline and VoIP calls, as well as text messages, to the proper 9-1-1 call answering centers.

No other connection is as critical as the one that can save a life. Public safety agencies and the largest telecommunication providers depend on West Safety Services for the most robust and progressively evolving emergency communications available. Backed by over 38 years of world-class network engineering focused on the needs of public safety, West manages the entire emergency response continuum through data management, reliable networks and a deep understanding of public and personal safety emergency response protocols. We continue to develop ground-breaking Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) solutions. Our seamless, reliable, redundant, end-to-end infrastructure enables responding agencies to locate, route, transport and deliver emergency communications to help save lives.

NG9-1-1 is taking us on an inevitable journey that can be traveled in practical and measureable steps over time. As a proven industry leader of emergency communications technology and networks, West will guide you along the path to a successful Next Gen 9-1-1 solution.

Leading the transformation to the new IP-based world of 9-1-1, West is deeply invested in the development of dynamic, versatile and forward-looking solutions and services for emergency communications. Combined with a staff of experienced public safety, information technology and telecommunications experts, West is unrivaled in its ability to deliver further advancements in meeting both imminent challenges and future opportunities in public safety.

No matter where you are in the process, West can provide safe passage to Next Gen 9-1-1 with each foundational element:

The EMERGENCY SERVICES IP NETWORK (ESInet) is the backbone of the IP-based NG system.

IP ROUTING allows data to travel across multiple networks from source to destination and can replace your legacy selective router. This paves the way for your ability to accept IP-based text-to-9-1-1 messaging.

The latest emergency call handling technology – Intrado VIPER® - cleanly and simply displays all sorts of new incoming information from new data types, making it easy for your call-takers to work quickly and efficiently.

GIS DATA PREPARATION: We are uniquely positioned to help you prepare your data, validated against the current MSAG, and compared to ALI or TN databases.

When your data is ready, you will be able to implement GIS-BASED LOCATION DATA MANAGEMENT for GIS-BASED ROUTING.

TXT29-1-1® allows citizens to send SMS messages directly to 9-1-1, the best option if they are unable to talk, or are hard of hearing.

ADVANCED DATA SERVICES will add major operational enhancements for first responders. With the ability to view blueprints and security cameras, and receive video and photos from citizens at the incident, you can now help first responders assess situations better than ever before.

PSAPs across North America depend on West for MISSION-CRITICAL 9-1-1 CALL HANDLING EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES, including: Public Safety Call Handling solutions with integrated intelligent workstation hardware and software; GIS capabilities with real-time mapping and data maintenance; NG9-1-1 data mining and analytics; Continuity of Operations services. An IP-based solution streamlines both voice and data calls and provides a pathway to i3 compliant, NG 9-1-1 data services with a minimal amount of backroom equipment.

West’s end-to-end GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) solutions deliver enhanced functionality to dramatically reduce response times. Accurate, up-to-date and synchronized GIS data across the local, regional and state level is essential to improving legacy 9-1-1 system response times and optimizing PSAP operations.

How GIS DATA is assessed, analyzed, collected, cleansed, validated and maintained has a direct effect on the future success of your 9-1-1 operations. West can help you gain control of the increased demands for accurate spatial data, data management, quality assurance and maintenance of public safety GIS data. Our team leverages proprietary processes and tools to proactively eliminate inaccurate information and build the foundational GIS data layers necessary for the appropriate emergency.


TEXTING TO 9-1-1: Choose from three industry-standard delivery options to enable text messaging service with wireless subscribers. Available options including: SMS-to-TTY; Integrated TXT29-1-1® with a direct connection to the PSAP CPE; and Web browser which utilizes a URL with login and password.


TXT29-1-1 by West remains alone in the ability to transfer externally. TXT29-1-1 has been tested and tried and deployed in hundreds of PSAPs nationwide – all have the ability to transfer to any other PSAP without opening another browser or interfering with text calls.


POWER LOCATE helps ease the responsibility of PSAPs charged with identifying the location of dropped, abandoned or misrouted calls. Even the location of pranksters and unintentional “pocket dialers” can be queried. This subscription-based service supports both voice and text calls for emergency help. PSAPs will appreciate speedy access to the most relevant information associated to an address or cell phone number, clearly displayed in an easy-to-read format. Clearly displayed in an easy to read format, Power Locate identifies the x/y coordinates of the caller to provide pertinent details that help identify and find the caller.

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