TC Communications

17881 Cartwright Road
Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: View Phone Number949-852-1972
Fax: View Fax Number949-852-1948

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Company Description:

TC Communications specializes in critical communications solutions including 4-wire Analog over IP and other Radio, Voice, and Data products. Focused on mission-critical applications TC products are designed to transition Public Safety networks to IP/Ethernet while preserving existing analog equipment. Engineer built and tested, these Radio over IP products stand up to critical communication demands. 

TC developed a series of products to serve public safety personnel. Each product helps networks transition to IP/Ethernet without replacing existing analog equipment.

Products for 4-wire Analog over IP and T1 Lines

TC3846-6 is a 4-wire analog over IP/Ethernet device from the JumboSwitch family of products. Link or extend up to 4 channels of 2 or 4-wire analog and dry contacts across Layer 2/3 Ethernet networks. Featuring extremely low latency, the TC3846-6 provides clear audio with uncompressed 64kbps per channel and supports Guard Tone and Pilot Tone operation.

TC8614 is a 4-wire Analog Radio and Dry Contact over T1/E1 Multiplexer. This is a plug and play, 4-channel “mini Channel Bank” that gives network managers the flexibility of leveraging their existing T1/E1 circuits by adding low cost analog or dry contact links as needed. ESF Framing supported for T1 and PCM30 Framing available for E1. Replace leased phone circuits and increase voice quality along with system reliability.

TC is focused on mission critical communication networks. Each product is built with a specific need in mind to serve fire, ambulance, and police first responders. In business for over 25 years, TC designs and manufactures every product in the USA since 1991.

Product Information:
Product Description: TC3846-6 Interface Card is a 4 ch. 600ohm Analog and 4 ch. Dry Contact IP Gateway. Extend up to 4 channels over 2/4 wire analog across layer 2/3 Ethernet networks. Meets or Exceeds IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 & NEMA TS-2 Standards.

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Add to Outlook Contacts  View Phone Number(949) 852-1972
Add to Outlook Contacts  View Phone Number(949) 852-1972
Add to Outlook Contacts  View Phone Number(949) 852-1972
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