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    Watson is a leader in providing dispatch consoles to public safety centers.  We pioneered the ergonomic dispatch console and have provided thousands of consoles to hundreds of dispatch centers.  No one has been here longer or works harder to make sure your team has what they need to bring it all to the table. As the first manufacturer to design a console specifically for 24/7 use AND maximum user comfort, Watson is the manufacturer of choice for PSAP consoles.  There isn’t a solution we can’t imagine, a feature need we can’t fulfill, or a budget we can’t meet.  

    We are with you every step of the way, from initial design to beyond the installation. Our project management team has more than 40 years combined experience guiding installations and live cutovers on projects as small as a single console and as large as over 150 workstations.  They will help you with everything from space planning to feature recommendations and will create a delivery and installation plan that integrates with your other vendors.  A designer will work in concert with your Account Manager to specify components and floorplans to ensure everything is tailored to your unique needs.  Our installers will work closely with you to complete a timely and smooth installation.  Their experience with over 2500 installations guarantees a seamless experience.  And our customer care team is with you as long as you own Watson. 

    Whatever level of Mercury is right for your center, every Mercury console is distinguished by sharing key features that have come to be recognized as signature Watson.

    Durability – from commercial grade engineered wood cabinetry to steel frames, every Mercury console has materials that have been carefully selected as best-in-class.  Active cooling systems in tech bridges and cabinets extend technology life while optimizing its performance.  Lifting systems have been tested over 40,000 times.  Our team designs for the rigors of a 24/7 environment and has curated a set of materials that is uniquely qualified to withstand constant use while providing maximum user comfort.

    Efficiency – Mercury is wired for convenience.  Cables, tech bridges, and tech cabinets are all easily reachable even when a position is active.  Monitor arrays and energy chains are easy to access.  Power and low-voltage cables travel in dedicated channels to facilitate troubleshooting and reduce signal interference.  Mercury is an IT specialist’s dream.  The linear design maximizes space, reclaiming the dead spaces in floor plans and worksurfaces that are created by a 90-degree console.  Linear planning allows for clear sightlines, easy tech access, and one-size-fits-all tech storage, simplifying everything from team communication to maintenance. 

    Scalability – The modularity of our design means that your consoles will meet the needs of today and can adapt to the needs of tomorrow.  Deliver the application that is right for you today while anticipating what is around the corner.  The Mercury Line was created to scale to any budget, any space, any feature set, and any technology need.  The adaptability of Mercury guarantees that the needs unique to your center will be met and that all of the strength and functionality you require will be provided. 

    We prove our product by taking the extra step of providing the industry’s strongest and most hassle-free standard warranty, Lifetime Plus Ten.  We guarantee all parts manufactured by Watson for the lifetime of the product, including wood and metal parts such as worksurfaces, cabinets, doors, and screens.  In addition, electronics and buy-out parts, along with associated freight, are covered for 10 years. No other manufacturer offers this level of protection.

    Watson offers lasting value in a way that no other manufacturer can. Our workstations are designed to be exceptionally durable and provide the user a solution that addresses the physical and mental demands of their position.  We are with you every step of the way to create the right workspace for your needs and budget. You take care of others.  Let us take care of you.   

    Practical, Reliable, and Adaptable - Mercury Base is designed to scale with your organization, providing the full technological capacity and worksurface space at a fraction of the cost.  Crafted with industry-best materials that withstand 24/7 use, developed by the same team with over 35 years of experience, and backed by the same industry-leading warranty, Base can be adjusted and customized as your technology and staffing needs change.

    Functional, Durable, and Flexible - Mercury Standard is an ideal solution for any application.  Not only is the in-line design a space saver, but the height adjustability and modular environmental controls optimize user performance.  Operators, IT technicians, and facility managers all have benefits that boost performance efficiency.  Technology and personal storage components can be moved and added as technology and staffing change.  The combination of durable materials ensures your console will serve your team for more than a decade. 

    Incomparable, Efficient, and Evolved – No other console provides the benefits of a Mercury Pro.  Designed to customize comfort and maximize performance, with an intelligent combination of materials that promote user wellness while providing unmatched strength, Mercury Pro is unmatched.  Watson’s patented ergonomic system allows for quick customization, and the smart design allows for easy access to technology even when the position is in use.  Pro is the only console on the market to be distinguished with the premier standard of ETL testing to the UL 962 standard as a complete assembly.

    Product Information

    Mercury Consoles are a solution for every application. Mercury's scalability meets the needs of your dispatch center today and future-proofs it for the needs of tomorrow. Mercury was designed by Watson, the pioneers of ergonomic consoles, and was built to withstand the demands of a 24/7 environment, provide maximum user comfort, and make space planning and technology integration efficient in ways a traditional 90 degree console can't and is backed by the industry's strongest standard warranty.
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