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    About Us

    PlanIt Scheduling software was created in 2005 by RagnaSoft, Inc., a software development firm. Their previous work involved projects with companies like QVC and Ace Hardware. In 2005, two local public safety departments approached RagnaSoft, Inc. asking for a solution for their unique personnel scheduling needs.


    As word began to spread, RagnaSoft realized there was a great need for quality staffing solutions in the public safety sector. Today, the company is doing business as PlanIt Schedule with that being their only focus: public safety scheduling software. PlanIt Schedule focuses on making complex 24x7 scheduling easier to manage. It is with constant input from clients who use the system every day that PlanIt has become such an effective tool for public safety departments throughout the country.


    Learn more about PlanIt Schedule at www.planitschedule.com!

    PlanIt Dispatch includes features to help 911 professionals schedule more efficiently. There is a Day Editor in the system that allows supervisors to see just the schedule for one day. This makes it easy to view staffing level shortages and move people around to adjust. Employees can view the schedule from wherever they are, and administrators can make changes to the schedule from wherever they are.


    PlanIt Police streamlines unique scheduling tasks relating to the law enforcement industry. This includes features like Overtime Forms, the Shift Change Tool for bids and Court Appearance scheduling. They can even give their court locations or external dispatch departments a view only login for free so that they can see the departments schedule.


    PlanIt EMS is used by many different emergency medical service organizations. On top of the major scheduling features, PlanIt EMS also includes a Vehicle Checklist feature for employees to keep track of equipment in trucks and notify administrators if there are any maintenance and/or equipment issues. PlanIt also has a built in Time Clock that can be used by itself or accompanied by a biometric fingerprint scanner for employees to clock in efficiently.


    PlanIt Fire has become an essential tool for fire crews to manage 24/7 schedules. They can send out notifications about overtime shifts and create lists to manage fairness for assigning shifts. Vehicle Checklists are also useful for many fire departments.

    Product Information

    PlanIt Schedule provides personnel scheduling and communication solutions for dispatch, law enforcement, EMS, and fire organizations. The core functionality of 24x7 scheduling is the same throughout these systems. But there are a couple features we turn on and off depending on the specific needs of the department. Some of the features used across the board include 24x7 scheduling templates, time off requests, open shifts, availability, minimum staffing, shift swaps and certification tracking.